Date: 12 to 14 november, 2018

Location: Maksond plaza hotel,meeting room:SALA MINAS GERAIS,Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, 424

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São Paulo is an emblematic and surprising city. As a business hub, it is a leader in South America, either due to its large market, its infrastructure and its service network or for boasting some of the best research centers and qualified professionals, all of which make the metropolis a commercial and trendsetter hub, where subsidiaries of the world’s largest companies are located. These are the major features that attract a large share of the tourists arriving in São Paulo’s capital every year: no less than 45% of its visitors are businessmen, entrepreneurs, senior executives or companies’ employees who come to the city to attend a meeting, an event or close a good deal. But there is another side to the town that visitors have started to discover - and have eventually fallen in love with. It’s that side of São Paulo that pulsates with culture, creativity, innovation, haute cuisine, entertainment, and diversity, captivating people from all over the country and the world. The São Paulo that blends cutting-edge international trends to the peculiarities of Brazilian culture, creating unique and innovative products, tours, places and experiences.

That’s why this guide invites you, the visitor, to extend your stay for at least another day to experience what the city can offer, thus getting in contact with the new, the unique, and whatever is hip. And to make your search easier, you only need to select one of the suggested one-day tours on the following pages, according to your preferences and style or according to where you are staying, so you do not have to cross long distances. Do not miss the chance of enjoying this metropolis. Since you are in São Paulo, make the most of it, extending your stay for at least one day; prepare yourself a nice itinerary and experience it all.